Bitcoin rallies as Amazon embraces blockchain

Bitcoin rallies as Amazon embraces blockchain

Bitcoin rallies as Amazon embraces blockchain

Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth, which is now generally available, uses machine learning to pick up the work humans are doing in real time when they are creating labels. Ultrain proclaimed that its smart contract developer framework is now available open-sourced.

"When I first heard the announcement about AWS DeepRacer in the keynote, I was totally pumped and thought it was a great way to get people interested and started in reinforcement learning".

Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched this week its Amazon Comprehend Medical machine learning service that enables healthcare professionals and developers to mine unstructured medical text and patient data, such as diagnosis, treatments, dosages, symptoms, and other signs of disease.

Dive deep into the new service here.

"We want to help all of our customers embrace machine learning, no matter their size, budget, experience, or skill level", said Swami Sivasubramanian, vice president, Amazon Machine Learning, in a prepared statement. Today, AWS is launching two new blockchain services.

AWS also announced a $399 autonomous toy auto - AWS DeepRacer - for developers to test some of their own self-driving programs. Customers don't need experience in machine learning, either.

AWS Outposts is essentially an extension of a customer's Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud). Also, Ultrain was successfully selected by the Microsoft accelerator as an incubator project, receiving leading resources supported by Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform & services.

Amazon reached a new milestone on Wednesday when it unveiled DeepRacer, a self-driving race auto that runs on artificial intelligence (AI), and launched a racing league that would pit the owners of the vehicle against each other. "It saves a lot of time and is much more efficient". It will monitor how demand develops before deciding how many more stations to add.

"Over 10,000 customers are now using Amazon SageMaker". As a result, developers no longer need to spend time hand tuning their trained models for each and every hardware platform (saving time and expense).

AWS had already announced some new updates to its cloud machine learning (ML) services, Amazon Polly, Amazon Translate and Amazon Transcribe. Amazon Textract allows developers to quickly automate document workflows, processing millions of document pages in a few hours. A new process called AutoML, which automates complicated ML tasks, "performs and accelerates the hard work required to design, train, and deploy a machine learning model", the company says. You can imagine the ML use cases.

Businesses told AWS officials they want their on-premises systems to be an extension of their AWS or VMware Cloud in AWS, with the same hardware, APIs and interfaces, which drove the development of Outposts, Jassy said.

Amazon Web Services is set to launch a satellite connection service that will make it faster for satellite operators to retrieve and secure their data. Users provide the historical and "causal" (eg, the weather, or any special offers) data, and Forecast creates, trains and optimises a model that can generate forecasts. The new offering will include several VMware technologies and services from VMware.

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