Browns won’t rule out claiming Kareem Hunt on waivers

Former Ravens RB Ray Rice offers to help former Chiefs RB Kareem Hunt

Former Ravens RB Ray Rice offers to help former Chiefs RB Kareem Hunt

After Sunday's overtime loss, Matt Nagy was asked directly if the Bears planned on placing a waiver claim on Kareem Hunt, the star Chiefs running back who was cut Friday after video surfaced of him assaulting a woman. He asked for forgiveness in the ESPN interview - and said he believed he deserved it. "I could have took responsibility and made the right decision to find a way to de-escalate the situation". "I'm going to get treatment on it".

Hunt admitted to lying to the Chiefs about the incident, but said he had not been questioned about it by the league. "I don't blame them for anything". "My actions caused this and I really wish I could apologise to them and let them know there's no hard feelings". Clearly, the TMZ video released Friday proves otherwise.

The Chiefs said they were made aware of the incident earlier this year, and law enforcement and the National Football League initiated an investigation. He also had proven to be a popular player in the locker room, often attending sporting events and other functions with his teammates. The Chiefs told Hunt that he would never wear their jersey again but that they would help him learn from his actions and perhaps one day endorse him to play for another team.

The most memorable incident came in 2014, when a video showed former Ravens running back Rice knocking out his then-fiancee in an elevator in an Atlantic City hotel. Hunt was pressed on a few of the details that he apparently did not feel were important to share with the Chiefs until the security camera footage was obtained by TMZ.

"I saw the stuff that happened". "We don't do those things". "I'm not the type of person to ever think about putting my hands on anyone".

The NFL Network also says Kareem Hunt is facing more than a six-game suspension.

Days later, the linebacker was claimed by the Washington Redskins, although he, too, will not be activated until a league investigation is concluded.

Police were called to the scene during the February 10 incident, but no charges were filed. I honestly just wanted her to leave.

"It was just a disagreement", he said. It matters why you committed this act. He told ESPN that he regrets kicking a woman after an argument turned violent and that he is "very embarrassed about it".

Salters was excellent, pressing him repeatedly, even at one point asking whether he was sorry for the violence shown in the video or sorry that it had gotten out.

"No they have not", Hunt said. The incident had been reported by multiple outlets in February, but Friday, Nov. 30, 2018, was the first time that the league and the public were able to see the video.

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