Fake package covers porch pirates in glitter and fart spray

Fake package covers porch pirates in glitter and fart spray

Fake package covers porch pirates in glitter and fart spray

A resourceful NASA engineer used both his industry expertise and some clever creativity to thwart thieves stealing packages from his porch.

He worked with friend Sean Hodgins to design the device, which took about six months, USA Today reported.

So-called "porch pirates" - thieves who steal packages off people's doorsteps - have become an increasing issue as bad actors have sought to take advantage of growing demand for delivery services.

AdvertisementThe ex-NASA engineer designed a series of revenge-bait packages that looked like HomePods - but showered unsuspecting thieves with glitter and deadly doses of fart spray. He also set it up so he could upload the video to the cloud and track it down using Global Positioning System.

Rober's viral YouTube video, posted Monday, covers the development of his clever boxes of whoop-ass, but the best part is watching them detonate on real suspects.

Because the box is equipped with Global Positioning System technology and the LTE-data smartphones, Rober will know where the package is and receive good video evidence of perpetrators' reactions.

As the thief opens the package, wires are tripped that cause the motor inside to start spinning, covering those nearby in glitter. A can of fart spray is included that would knock out a small herd of elephants, as it sprays five times every 30 seconds. The horrendous smell made the initial thief toss the package, which allowed Rober to deploy this decoy package and capture the reactions of multiple assailants. Just for reference, Rober says that one spray would be enough to empty an entire room.

'Not only is it not cool, but on the plus side, you'll never find yourself in this situation'.

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