Friends Is Leaving Netflix in January 2019?!


CREDIT Courtesy of Warner Bros. Television

"Friends" was one of Netflix's biggest acquisitions in 2014, when the streamer first announced that all 10 seasons would become available.

Netflix spent an estimated $8 billion on content this year in an effort to have 1,000 original shows and movies on the service.

At the time of this writing, however, that expiration date has disappeared from the show's Netflix page. And in the meantime, it's reportedly squeezing $100 million out of Netflix to allow the company to have Friends for one last exclusive year, in 2019.

THR also notes that in 2020, the new agreement will give WarnerMedia the option to stream Friends on its own upcoming streaming service, which will rival Netflix.

The company's chief content officer Ted Sarandos told The Hollywood Reporter on Monday that Friends leaving Netflix on January 1 was only a "rumor", according to the news outlet.

Social media was in an uproar over the weekend after it appeared that Friends would be leaving Netflix in January 2019, with fans seriously freaking out over the potential loss of their favorite sitcom. However representatives for Warner Bros. The mega-popular sitcom achieved new life on the streaming service, tapping into old fans' nostalgia and gaining a wave of new, young Gen Z fans who were *gasp* born after it aired.

"Can't sleep so was trying to enjoy some Friends. then Netflix gives me the notification that friends is LEAVING NETFLIX ON JANUARY 1st".

Granted, Disney can afford to cling more devoutly to exclusivity, given how many beloved brands it has under its umbrella, and how faithfully they all adhere to the same family-friendly category. They may not be there for you forever.

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