Google Play 'Best of' 2018 award winners announced

Google Play 'Best of' 2018 award winners announced

Google Play 'Best of' 2018 award winners announced

After that, TRAI held several meetings with Apple to request access to call logs and messages, as it's usually against iOS' policies.

Mobile phone users in India have to put up with phone calls and texts every day from sketchy companies. Furthermore, legitimate marketing callers will have access to the NDNC registry, and are expected to avoid spam and marketing calls to users on this list.

Now, Apple has approved TRAI's DND app, which is available for download on the App Store as "TRAI DND - Do Not Disturb".

Lots of new apps have landed on Google Play over 2018 and we've highlighted numerous best in our best Android apps and best free Android apps guides, but only one can be the very best, and if you ask Google it's Drops: Learn 31 new languages. As a result, iPhones faced a risk of getting banned in the country as TRAI had ordered the telecom operators of India to de-recognize devices (disallow voice calls and SMS) that don't allow installation of the TRAI DND app. Analyst firm Macquarie Research's data notes that China contributes 40 percent of Apple's app revenue - so the company has to keep a clean house. The text message is sent free of cost, and the app itself is free to download from the App Store starting today and requires your device to be running on iOS 12.1 or above. "However, the user will be responsible for any loss occurred if they report these Call/SMS." the description added.

In the third step, the user will be shown how the app can be used for reporting spam.

Apple warned developers against updating iOS apps without its permission in early 2017.

In the first step, the user will be required to choose whether to receive no calls at all or select the categories which they do not want to receive any communication from.

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