Google wants to officially ditch Hangouts for RCS messaging in 2020

Google is reportedly shuttting down Hangouts in 2020

Google Hangouts gets hung out to dry in 2020, report says

Google has not officially confirmed or denied the rumor, and the site cites a "source familiar with the product's internal roadmap" as its source. A report says that in 2020, Google will shut it down.

After yesterday's rumours that Google would shutter Hangouts for consumers in 2020, it appears that Google has a product manager for Hangouts, and also, that reports of its demise may be premature.

In April, the company began focusing on Chat, an Android alternative to Apple's iMessage. The chat app was launched back in 2013, itself a replacement to three different messaging products which Google had been operating. Earlier this year, it opened up both Meet and Chat to all Google account holders. While Hangouts is still available on the Google Play Store and as part of Gmail, Google's webmail service, recent reviews of Hangouts have been anything but great.

With Hangouts now being used for business purposes and Chat being developed for consumer use, the regular Hangouts app no longer serves any real goal.

Users complain about bugs and slow performance; it seems likely that Google won't address these concerns anymore if the rumor is true.

Google two years ago replaced its Hangouts app with Allo and Duo for consumers, while pushing the Hangouts brand as the enterprise solution with Hangouts Chat and Meet for chat and video conferencing scenarios respectively.

Many have moved on from Hangouts after Google rebranded it to Hangouts Meet, but if youre still using Hangouts, you still have some time before Google eventually pulls the plug.

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