Heather Nauert 'to replace Nikki Haley as USA envoy to UN'

Heather Nauert 'to replace Nikki Haley as USA envoy to UN'

Heather Nauert 'to replace Nikki Haley as USA envoy to UN'

Nauert is a former Fox News Channel reporter who had little foreign policy experience before becoming State Department spokeswoman.

President Donald Trump announced on Friday that State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert is his choice to succeed Nikki Haley as USA ambassador to the United Nations.

A senior White House official said late on Thursday that the United Nations ambassador post would not remain part of the Cabinet, as it has been under Haley. It's more a matter of the personal clout of the person holding the position, vis-à-vis the nominal figures directing US foreign policy like the secretary of State and the president's national security adviser - the two people Jonathan Swan cites as insisting on Nauert's non-Cabinet rank.

Nauert left Fox in April a year ago after being appointed as the State Department spokeswoman early in the tenure of then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

A former Fox News presenter and a veteran lawyer who believes that Hillary Clinton should be investigated were chosen by President Trump for plum jobs yesterday.

President Trump said she had done "an incredible job". "I'm not sure anyone would advise him that the way to solve all his problems is to put a "Fox & Friends" anchor as our top ambassador to the United Nations". Haley successfully argued for a cabinet-level post and wielded broad influence, carving out her own authority separate from Tillerson. "It is less clear that she has the experience to hammer out hard deals with China and Russian Federation over problems like Iran and North Korea".

Schaefer notes, though, that Trump already has a team in place that he relies on for help in crafting foreign policy -Pompeo and National Security Adviser John Bolton.

Three people familiar with President Trump's decision to name Nauert confirmed the pick, according to the report.

Shortly after Trump made the pick official, The Washington Post flagged an exchange from earlier this year in which Nauert cited the D-Day invasion as an example of the "strong relationship" between the United States and Germany. I ask: "today, does it continue to serve its mission faithfully?" Her relative lack of experience for a high-stakes foreign relations position means that Democrats are likely to press Nauert on her qualifications during her confirmation hearings, according to CNN.

United Nations diplomats say that behind the scenes negotiations are central to an ambassador's job, and that presentation skills are also important. Formerly a Fox News anchor, she came to the administration in 2017.

Originally from Wisconsin, she attended Mount Vernon College, a now-defunct all-women´s school in Washington, before graduating from the elite Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

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