How GOP Bills Would Limit Gov.-Elect Tony Evers' Power

Governor-elect Tony Evers not optimistic Gov. Walker will veto lame-duck bills	 	 	 			Governor Scott Walker Democratic challenger Tony Evers

Governor-elect Tony Evers not optimistic Gov. Walker will veto lame-duck bills Governor Scott Walker Democratic challenger Tony Evers

During all of the counting and recounting of votes, Democrats repeatedly demanded that every vote be counted, but one strongly suspects that vote fraud was being committed by someone, maybe a person in the form of a Democrat, since their objections were the strongest we heard, and these objections kept the voting tabulation moving forward way past the cut-off date, in the hopes of the Democrat candidate could "discover" enough "lost" votes to be able to win. Another avenue to protect those with pre-existing conditions is also in peril if Gov. Scott Walker signs the legislation.

Walker has said he supports the bills His office worked with Republican lawmakers to craft the legislation. Critics say republicans are trying to grasp power after losing statewide elections to democrats.

Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos - who spearheaded efforts to pass the legislation during a lame-duck session - downplayed the effect on Evers in an interview with a conservative Milwaukee radio show.

But Tony Evers (EE'-vers) says he'll first make a personal appeal to Republican Gov. Scott Walker to veto the legislation.

There, Republican politicians advanced legislation this week that would take over campaign finance oversight authority from the secretary of state.

Implementing changes to either the Foxconn deal or the WEDC will be more hard if Walker signs the bills passed this week by the state legislature, one of which "would shield the state jobs agency from his control and allow the board to choose its leader until September, likely at least delaying Evers' ability to maneuver on the Foxconn subsidy", the Associated Press reported this week. The State Assembly also approved the bill along party lines later on Wednesday.

"Most important here, though, is not the specific provisions but the sort of general attitude that the Republicans seem to be under the impression that separation of powers refers to parties rather than branches of government", said Howard Schweber, a political science professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Democratic Attorney General-elect Dana Nessel is thought to be the aim of an additional bill which provides the legislature with the right to wade into legal battles involving the state. That would stop Evers and Democratic Attorney General-elect Josh Kaul from fulfilling promises to withdraw Wisconsin from a multistate lawsuit seeking repeal of the Affordable Care Act. The bill next goes to the GOP-led Senate.

Democrats say the measure provided inadequate coverage and would cause premiums to skyrocket. That measure is awaiting a final legislative vote in the state Assembly.

The full Senate could vote later Wednesday. There could also be cases where legislators want to take the same side as the attorney general but make a different legal argument.

In Michigan, Republicans are advancing their own measure that would also allow GOP lawmakers to intervene in lawsuits, ensuring they could step in if Nessel will not defend laws. That decision - whether to join or withdraw from this kind of litigation - has been one for the attorney general and governor.

But Republicans also have made it clear that they're taking action because they don't trust Evers.

Unless, of course, they voted to limit that governor's power.

Last, the lame-duck bills will temporarily prevent Evers from controlling the leadership of the Wisconsin Economic Development corporation, a public agency staffed with private workers that hammers out state development deals.

On the campaign trail, Gov. -elect Tony Evers indicated that we could remove Wisconsin from that lawsuit.

As part of the package passed early Wednesday morning, Republicans codified work requirements for some Medicaid recipients. The Senate passed the proposal earlier in the evening.

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