Icardi condemns racist chanting aimed at Koulibaly

Icardi condemns racist chanting aimed at Koulibaly

Icardi condemns racist chanting aimed at Koulibaly

Milan mayor Giuseppe Sala has apologized to Napoli player Kalidou Koulibaly after he was racial insulted during their game against Inter Milan at San Siro on Boxing Day. "To be French, Senegalese, Neapolitan, and a man".

The game itself was plagued with indignity and hostility as well, and Napoli manager Carlo Ancelotti revealed he had repeatedly attempted to have the game suspended following the incendiary and racist chants used in the terraces throughout the game.

Inter eventually clinched victory in stoppage time, but the post-match reaction was dominated by head coach Carlo Ancelotti's revelations that Napoli had asked for play to be suspended on three occasions, citing the abuse of Koulibaly as the reason.

Ancelotti said he asked officials three times to stop the game due to the "abuse aimed at Koulibaly".

"The player's (Koulibaly) nerves were shaken, he was nervous". And this is not good for Italian football. "And if we don't know, then next time we may have to stop play ourselves".

It's not the first time that clashes between rival fans have led to deaths in Italy.

Racism continues to undermine Italian football.

Police said Daniele Belardinelli, 35, was a supporter of Inter Milan.

He said two Inter fans had been arrested in relation to the pre-match scuffles, which he called "extremely serious incidents".

The Napoli fans got out of the van and fought back, with several receiving knife wounds, before getting back into the vehicle on Via Novara - one of the main roads toward San Siro - and driving off, knocking down the Inter fan on their way.

Inter will also have to play another game with their North Stand closed.

"I'm very sorry about what happened to Koulibaly".

"It was a shameful act against a respected athlete, who proudly bears the colour of his skin, and also, to a lesser degree, against the many people who go to the stadium to support their team and be with their friends", Sala wrote on Facebook, per Eurosport.

Italian football federation president Gabriele Gravina said the racist chants and violence outside the stadium were "no longer tolerable".

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