LeBron James Wants Carmelo Anthony on the Lakers

Article Image Le Bron James Reportedly Interested in Lakers Signing Carmelo Anthony

LeBron James Wants Carmelo Anthony on the Lakers

Anthony could be waived at any moment but is not eligible to be traded until Saturday, Dec. 15.

A summer trade to the Houston Rockets, who ran the Golden State Warriors close in last campaign's Western Conference finals, followed but Anthony has not settled well in Texas.

Despite being the greatest basketball player in the world, apparently even LeBron lets emotions get in the way of his team's success, as the addition of Anthony would clearly only add drama and misfortune.

The Los Angeles Lakers superstar wants his team to acquire the Houston Rockets forward, The Athletic's Joe Vardon reported Thursday, citing an National Basketball Association source.

I do not believe he truly wants Anthony with him as a Laker, but wants his friend Anthony to think he does. (Lakers General Manager) Magic (Johnson) should fight him on it. Nor would there be.

While James may want Anthony in Los Angeles with him, the Lakers front office shows no interest in the Lakers, per Vardon.

James is seven months Anthony's junior, and Sharpe believes it is hard for the latter to accept his depreciation. They were two of the four players who took a vacation together when the famous Banana Boat photo was taken.

In a story published by Bleacher Report on Wednesday, both Durant and now-Lakers teammate Tyson Chandler both were quoted about why some star players might perhaps be hesitant to play alongside James. The 33-year-old James has deflected the question, saying it's not his decision. He parted ways with the Rockets in November after playing in just 10 games, averaging 13.4 points and 5.4 rebounds per game, shooting 40.5% from the field and 32.8% from three.

The Lakers wouldn't need Anthony to turn in a vintage performance if he signed with the club.

Los Angeles would have to create a roster opening in order to sign Anthony.

Chris Cwik is a writer for Yahoo Sports.

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