Persona 5's Joker Will Be Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Patch 1.1 Changelog

Persona 5's Joker Will Be Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC

Ultimate and he's looking to bring his monster hunting skills to Nintendo's fighting game. Mystic Distance expects that the official announcement will likely drop next April during Persona Super Live 2019, possibly accompanied by the launch of Joker in Smash.

Nintendo announced in their last Nintendo Direct that there would be at least five DLC "Challenger Packs" but at the time didn't say what any of them would contain (although they did hint that one would be based around Xenoblade Chronicles 2). True to its name, it's also the biggest, boasting the largest selection of characters, stages, and music in the franchise's long history.

"And so he's been the driver in really thinking about what type of character coming into Super Smash Bros". Ultimate have begun appearing online, and the critical consensus is that it's another fun fighting game packed to the brim with content. You can also visit GameSpot sister site Metacritic for a much broader look at what critics think of the new brawler.

Along with a series of YouTube videos, we hosted a Smash Bros. character battle on our Instagram page to help determine your favourite characters which will be used in tonight's tournament.

"Situational downers don't stop Super Smash Bros". Here you are able to change whatever controls you want. Mob Smash will let you play with up to four people, and everything else allows for eight.

DLC: Persona 5's Joker was named as the first official downloadable character for the game, which will give you another new character for the game, The Verge reports. It has an absurd amount to play, fight, and unlock-though that can be to its detriment at times.

The problem with any games event that starts hyping up new game reveals is that fans inevitably start imagining things far more exciting that what actually gets shown. The fact that every match feels like a fair, if chaotic, fight is incredible, especially with a roster of more than 70 superstar characters.

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