SpaceX launches Dragon cargo ship to ISS, but fails to land rocket

Falcon 9 вывела на орбиту корабль с грузом для МКС

SpaceX launches Dragon cargo ship to ISS, but fails to land rocket

The mission was also historic because it involved a booster making its third successful landing.

Today, 5 December 2018, after a daily postponement the carrier rocket Falcon 9 SpaceX needs otpraviti cargo spacecraft Dragon to the worldwide space station (ISS) with 2.5 tons of cargo. After more than two dozen successful rocket landings, SpaceX's most recent attempt resulted in a splashdown, though the rocket remained intact and was retrieved by the company.

SpaceX has a contract to ferry American astronauts to the space station as part of what's known as the Commercial Crew program with NASA, but the timeline for the first flights has slipped repeatedly.

As with previous launches, the company began live-streaming the launch via webcast.

Just like the Falcon 9 booster used on the SmallSat mission, the Dragon spacecraft was used in missions before. At 10:26 am PST (01:26 pm EST), SpaceX announced "Second stage engine burn complete".

The Dragon capsule should reach the orbiting lab on Saturday.

The rocket Falcon 9 production for 16 SpaceX mission to the ISS is scheduled from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral in Florida (USA). Before this 12 times, SpaceX has successfully boosted the booster to the ground. Below is the screenshot of Musk's tweet that was tweeted shortly after the incident.

However, as soon as this crucial part was phased out, Falcon's first stage (most expensive portion of the rocket) that was supposed to navigate itself back to the earth malfunctioned.

Later, Musk posted the full video from on board the booster, showing the rocket spiral, then stabilize, then crash sideways into the water.

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