Trump’s New Jersey Club Hired Undocumented Immigrants

Lawyer Trump resort hired undocumented workers

Trump’s New Jersey Club Hired Undocumented Immigrants

Morales and Sandra Diaz, a former Bedminster employee who is now a legal USA resident, reached out to the Times through their lawyer, who is representing them in "immigration matters".

Morales makes Donald Trump's bed, cleans his toilet, and dusts his golf trophies.

Conservative immigration views and undocumented employees have not mixed well for politicians in the past: A similar revelation proved damaging to Mitt Romney during his 2012 presidential campaign.

Their lawyer provided CBS News with Morales' 2017 W-2 form, which lists her employer as Lamington Farm Club, the corporate name of Mr. Trump's golf course.

"We are exhausted of the abuse, the insults, the way he talks about us when he knows that we are here helping him make money", Victorina Morales told the Times.

The article suggests that Trump's refusal to question her status is evidence that he knew she was an illegal migrant, and that he is a hypocrite for employing illegals while championing pro-American reforms.

The Trump National Golf Club is home to green lawns, sparkling water features - and illegal immigrants working for the resort.

Quite an achievement for an immigrant housekeeper living in the country without legal permission.

It appears unlikely that Trump would be aware of either woman's immigration status.

Soon after Trump launched his run for the presidency, several illegal workers had shifts axed.

"While working at Donald Trump's estate in Bedminster and interacting with the President and his immediate family, my clients and others were repeatedly subjected to abuse, called racial epithets and threatened with deportation", immigration lawyer Anibal Romero said in a statement.

"If any employee submitted false documentation in an attempt to circumvent the law, they will be terminated immediately", Miller said. "We sweat it out and attend to his every need and have to put up with his humiliation". Morales said that she understood she could be fired or deported as a result of coming forward, though she has applied for protection under the asylum laws.

Since his election, Trump has pushed for passage of his "Four Pillars" immigration reforms, which would curb legal and illegal immigration, so pushing up wages for hotel maids and every other blue-collar person.

The Trump Organization, which owns the golf course, did not comment to the New York Times about the women profiled in the report. His golf courses in North Carolina and Doral, Florida, use it, as well as his Mar-a-Lago resort and his hotels in Washington and Chicago.

Ms Morales told the Times she had chose to speak out when the president began referring to refugees and migrants arriving from Latin America as "criminals".

Marc Lacey, the Times's national editor, wrote on Twitter that Morales had been notified a day earlier that the story would be posted and that she did not go to work Thursday at Bedminster. CBS News reached out to the White House but have not heard back.

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