Urban Meyer out as Ohio St. coach after Rose Bowl

Urban Meyer out as Ohio St. coach after Rose Bowl

Urban Meyer out as Ohio St. coach after Rose Bowl

The Rose Bowl will be Urban Meyer's final game as coach of Ohio State. He has a cyst in his brain that causes severe headaches.

At Ohio State: Spence saw spot action in his freshman year at Ohio State, but took over as a full-time starter as a sophomore and finished the year with 50 tackles and eight sacks. Smith denied a Football Scoop report last week that Meyer would not coach past the 2019 season and Day would take over as head coach.

Wilson said during Day's interim stint that he fully believes in Day's ability to lead Ohio State, and that he will be able to continue the success the Buckeyes have seen under Meyer. "But there will be a time". A startling blowout loss at unranked Purdue on October 20 pushed Ohio State to the fringe of the national championship chase and prompted questions about Meyer's future. But the promotion of offensive coordinator Ryan Day should ensure recruits don't jump to Happy Valley or elsewhere. He's reportedly been offered multiple head coaching jobs, but turned them down to stay at Ohio State. But Meyer knew he couldn't go on the way things were this season. He was slated to earn $7.6 million in 2018, making him the one of the highest paid coaches in the nation.

The university suspended Meyer two days before training camp in August when Smith's ex-wife, Courtney Smith, accused Meyer and others within the football program during an interview with Stadium of turning a blind eye to accusations of abuse she made against her ex-husband. I love Ohio State; I love our players. This also isn't the first time Meyer has stepped away from coaching.

Meyer didn't lose his first regular season conference game until his fourth year at Ohio State. Three months after completing its investigation, Ohio State has not yet shared the bulk of the public records generated during its investigation. I'm working extremely hard to make sure that's happening.

Those are pretty long odds against the Browns hiring Meyer, who does have some scandal factor and health issues involved in his departure from Ohio State.

Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter, who played for Ohio State when Meyer was an assistant with the program, said that Meyer wants to continue coaching, but his body won't allow it. He later served as an assistant coach at Illinois State and Colorado State before working at Notre Dame for six years.

Operating under the belief that Meyer will return to coaching in the next two years, these are some of the colleges that could potentially be fits for Meyer to get back in the game.

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