Highlights of Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

Apple uses famous Las Vegas slogan to promote iPhone security on billboard near CES

Highlights of Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

Needless to say, the women behind this startup are not happy.

Haddock claims the massager was vetted by the Consumer Technology Association and a panel of judges. It's a hands free pleasure device aimed at women that was selected for the innovation award back in October 2018. This year, female-focused adult toy creator Lora DiCarlo was set to dominate the floor with the company's first product, Osé.

They scored it highly enough for it to be among products recognised in the awards, she added.

Apple doesn't usually shy away from a chance to battle with its competitors, but it hasn't used a trade show to make an argument, let alone even a public presence, for many years. However, it never happened as show organisers not only revoked company's ability to exhibit at the event but also took away the prestigious award by giving some ridiculous reasons.

She then claims the organisers then backtracked over the award, initially citing a rule around the ability to disqualify any device deemed "immoral, obscene, indecent, profane or not in keeping with CTA's image", before saying the device did not fit in the robotics and drone category. The firm had submitted its Osé personal massager into the robotics and drone product category.

But don't expect to see numerous new products at CES in the real world anytime soon.

Autos have become a big part of CES, with the major automakers and others, showcasing what's cutting-edge.

However, Haddock pointed to other sex-related tech that appeared at CES in the past. "It is not trickling down to who's allowed a seat at the table".

The government shutdown has forced the cancellation of several scheduled speakers at the Consumer Electronics Show. So why did it rescind this award and risk further accusations of gender bias? "The future of healthcare might well be in the patent for a sex toy".

It certainly seems like a case of double standards.

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