Huawei demotes employees for tweeting from iPhone

Dmitry Lovetsky Ren Zhengfei the CEO of Huawei

Dmitry Lovetsky Ren Zhengfei the CEO of Huawei

Two employees of the company published new year greetings in social networks using "Apple" gadgets. As a punishment for the blunder the company had demoted the employees by one rank and has also reduced the monthly salaries by $700 (5,000 yuan). These punishments seem rather harsh, but we're now witnessing an escalating economic war between the U.S. and China, with Apple and Huawei being the top tech companies in each country that are hurting the most.

The blunder was first spotted by popular YouTuber Marques Brownless (also known as MKBHD).

The slip-up comes as tensions run high with Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou (孟晚舟) facing extradition from Canada to the USA over alleged bank fraud.

Media reports say the tweet was marked as sent via a device from U.S. rival Apple.

Huawei manufactures the P-series handset that is a rival of Apple's iPhones.

A comment on Weibo, a microblog for all things tech said "The traitor has revealed himself". VPN's are necessary for companies to access some websites in China, where internet usage is heavily regulated.

The mistake happened due to problems the users were experiencing with their VPN connection.

According to an internal memo seen by Reuters and Bloomberg, Huawei blamed a supplier it hired to handle its social-media operations overseas. One of the employees, Huawei's digital marketing director, will also see their pay rank frozen for 12 months.

At the moment, the Chinese firm has overtaken Apple as the world's second-largest smartphone seller in the year 2018. Sapient did not respond to Reuters' requests for comments. Calls to its Beijing office went unanswered. As a brand ambassador, you are supposed to be using the product that you are promoting, and that line was even in her contract with Samsung. However, team members were reportedly not prepared to send the tweet out in time through a computer, so they resorted to using an iPhone which had a SIM from a Hong Kong-based carrier - the Special Administrative Region is outside the influence of the firewall.

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