Leaked Video Shows Xiaomi’s Alleged Foldable Smartphone in the Works

Xiaomi may also have a foldable phone in the works

Xiaomi rumored to be working on a triple-fold phone

The short video shows precious little beyond the show, however it's clearly the centrepiece. additionally, to providing an oversized landscape view, the 2 aspect panels will fold backward to produce a standard phone-sized screen.

As Blass notes on Twitter, he doesn't know if the video is authentic or a convincing fake, but the person who leaked the video to him says it's a Xiaomi device. Although the handset is clearly seen being able to fold in three parts and adjusting the UI as the screen folds, it is not confirmed if the handset is made by Xiaomi. After that Samsung showcased their own version of foldable smartphones called Samsun Galaxy Flex or F series. Based on the tweet, Evan has noted that the device is allegedly manufactured by Xiaomi.

The video also reveals a power button in the center along the top edge of the device.

The rumor hints a phone manufactured by Xiaomi, and they are working on a foldable phone.

It seems like Xiaomi could simply not sit back and relax as Samsung bakes their foldable phone back in the kitchen. Reports indicate that the interface of the device in the video appears to show real Xiaomi MIUI software.

Samsung, Motorola, LG, and Huawei have all expressed plans to jump on the flexible phone bandwagon, with their resulting consumer products likely to become available this year. Which brand of foldable smartphone are you up to?

The device's text language is Chinese script, but there is nothing in the video that actually confirms it as being a Xiaomi-made phone. We might see a handful of foldable smartphones this year since numerous Chinese manufacturers have been preparing for the same. Xiaomi foldable phone can be folded on the left and right sides.

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