Nancy Pelosi Tops Donald Trump’s Oval Office Speech Debut In Ratings

Nancy Pelosi Tops Donald Trump’s Oval Office Speech Debut In Ratings

Nancy Pelosi Tops Donald Trump’s Oval Office Speech Debut In Ratings

In his speech to the American public on Tuesday night, President Donald Trump put forward a nonsensical argument that the construction of some kind of barrier on the US-Mexico border would fix an incredible range of wildly exaggerated problems.

Minutes later, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer gave a rebuttal, saying the wall was unnecessary and imploring Trump to reopen the quarter of the government that has been shuttered since December 22, while talks continue over a border wall Trump says is necessary to thwart illegal immigration.

When it was over, the only thing that all parties seemed to agree on was the president's assessment that the meeting had been "a total waste of time".

Vice President Mike Pence and Republican leaders challenged some of Schumer's version of events, denying that Trump also slammed his hand on a table or raised his voice.

Trump Jr. made his comment on Tuesday evening as his father addressed the nation, calling once again for funding a wall along the US' southern border. Farmers and small businesses won't get loans they need. Let's talk strictly about border security in the long run, not just a short-term fix.

Hundreds of thousands of federal employees who are working without pay will miss their pay cheque this week.

Trump appeared to clearly signal that he, indeed, remains committed to keeping the government shut down "for months or even years", and, under pressure from the Right, that he will reject most political trades being discussed in Washington-most notably, a so-called wall for DACA deal. Interestingly, the Trump speech from the White House and the Democrats' response from the Capital building were perfectly matched on FNC, which will not be good news to that frequent viewer at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Democrats and other opponents of a border wall had threatened to take legal action if Trump issued the order. They weren't listening to us. Remarks should get covered and formal White House addresses should be broadcast.

Democrats are counting on the prolonged shutdown creating a split in the Republican ranks and having members of Trump's party pressuring him to compromise.

"These two. I don't know how many years Ryan and Kelly have left on their contract, but if Nancy and Chuck ever decide to team up... someone needs to get Gelman on the phone".

Trump also argued for his wall by saying that immigrants carry illegal drugs across the border, but Smith pointed out that a wall wouldn't make much difference there.

"This is the tragic reality of illegal immigration on our southern border", he added. "But all Americans are hurt by uncontrolled illegal migration".

Noting that his administration was doing everything in its power to help those impacted by the situation, Trump said the only solution was for Democrats to pass a spending bill that defends the borders and reopens the government.

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