NDC On Murder Of Anas' Partner: Don't Scapegoat Ken Agyapong

NDC On Murder Of Anas' Partner: Don't Scapegoat Ken Agyapong

NDC On Murder Of Anas' Partner: Don't Scapegoat Ken Agyapong

"If he comes here, beat him", Agyapong says in video published on news site Ghana Web.

Following that investigation, Ghanaian MP Kennedy Agyapong called for retribution against Hussein-Suale.

Ahmed Hussein-Suale was shot three times, twice in the chest and another in the neck late Wednesday night at Madina in Accra while driving home by unidentified men riding motorbike. The NDC wishes to commiserate with the family and loved ones of Ahmed and all his associates at Tiger Eye PI.

But speaking in an interview monitored by thepressradio.com on Thursday, January 17, 2019, the renowned Lawyer, Augustine Obour stated that the video circulating on the social media does not hold concrete evidence that can lead to Ken Agyapong's prosecution.

The tweet said, "This was not only an attack on Suale, but on Ghana's climate of transparency, democratic credibility, and press freedom".

This incident also portends great danger for the already-wobbly fight against corruption and reduces Ghana's standing in the comity of nations as a shining light of democracy and free speech.

Kent Mensah works with Anas' communication and media team and said that Hussein-Suale's killing shocked them all, albeit also saying that such a threat was long anticipated and would not silence the team. We did this before, producing our major "Killing Soccer" investigation after a soccer reporter was assaulted in Cameroon, and we will still do this now: whether it concerns the exposure of thieving generals in Mozambique or a mafia in Ghana.

Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo has condemned the murder and urged urgent police investigations.

The impunity and nonchalance with which these murders have been carried out point to an emboldening of the criminals behind them, which stems directly from the unacceptably weak response from government and security agencies.

The Police should act now and let us know. In this regard the AIPC is a proud flag bearer of the Arizona Project tradition, which tells us to work together to carry an investigation through to the end, even if one of us is threatened, hurt or eliminated.

Ghanaian police have not responded to repeated CNN calls about the killing.

"What we demand is justice from the government".

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