R. Kelly now under investigation by Fulton County DA

R. Kelly now under investigation by Fulton County DA

R. Kelly now under investigation by Fulton County DA

Russell accused Savage of lying to Lifetime and that if he continued to support the series, Russell and Kelly would be forced to release information that would show Savage was a liar.

The Tillets said 187 people gave donations that totaled almost $10,000 from January 3-7 - which coincided with the premiere of the series and subsequent re-airings.

Black women and girls are still surviving R. Kelly.

The documentary's film-maker Dream Hampton claims she hopes "Surviving R. Kelly" serves as a starter tool to "shift culture" and "talk about rape culture and organise against patriarchy, which harms us all". Wood suggests people put blindfolds over their ears so they can "focus on what (Kelly) did and not get seduced by his music". She said in an interview that an alleged victim reached out to her office in early 2018 with "allegations about incidents at R. Kelly's home in Olympia Fields". The promoters and bookers who continue bring Kelly out to perform should be held accountable as well.

Andrea Kelly, the ex-wife of R. Kelly, has tearfully looked back on her relationship with the crooner, including the moment she contemplated suicide. So I don't know if R. Kelly did it or not, that's none of my business. I also believe that because many aided in covering everything up, and his hard-core fans standing behind him, some survivors may have felt that no one would believe them. "I don't think I was prepared for his sadism".

The actress said that she'd further discuss the controversy in a Facebook Live on Wednesday at 5 p.m. PST but asked her followers to sound off in the comments ahead of time.

"But let me just say this: R. Kelly ... has [an] issue that has to really, really be worked on", he added. As we've all heard & seen by now, the two became an item and communication between Joycelyn and her parents has been kept a minimum reportedly. It will not, however, make it impossible: Over the weekend, plays of Kelly's songs were reportedly up 16 percent on Spotify, because of the documentary. In Surviving R. Kelly, Chance The Rapper appears. "The things that I learned making this documentary that couldn't make it in for legal reasons, you know, this isn't just me on Twitter". But it's not more important than protecting our children, protecting our little girls.

Meanwhile, The Associated Press reports new accusations made against R. Kelly's manager.

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