Amy Klobuchar launches presidential bid during snowy Minneapolis rally

Amy Klobuchar launches presidential bid during snowy Minneapolis rally

Amy Klobuchar launches presidential bid during snowy Minneapolis rally

But some former Klobuchar staffers, all of whom spoke to HuffPost on condition of anonymity, describe Klobuchar as habitually demeaning and prone to bursts of cruelty that make it hard to work in her office for long. "That sense of community is fractured across our nation, worn down by the petty and vicious nature of our politics".

"We are exhausted of the shutdowns and the showdowns, of the gridlock and the grandstanding", Klobuchar told the crowd gathered at Boom Island Park on the Mississippi River, as snow gathered on her hair and shoulders.

Many on the left also feel that her education reforms, which push for universities in the U.S. to be more affordable, do not go far enough.

"Enough is enough. Our nation must be governed not from chaos but from opportunity", she added.

The newspaper says former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper is nearly certain to declare his candidacy, and three others - former vice president Joe Biden, Montana Governor Steve Bullock, and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders - are listed as likely to run.

Another Democrat has joined the race to be U.S. president, promising to win back for the party the Midwest states that gave victory to Donald Trump in 2016.

Senators Kamala Harris of California, Kirsten Gillibrand of NY and Warren of MA have all thrown their hat in the race, as has congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii.

"I have mixed feelings about her chances", Rozen said.

Klobuchar, 58, pointedly wore neither a hat nor gloves during her speech in bitterly cold weather, her brown hair and mustard-yellow coat gradually turning white with the accumulating snowfall.

In a historically diverse Democratic field, Klobuchar is the fifth woman to seek the nomination.

Klobuchar is known for putting partisanship aside to pass legislation, something that has earned her a devoted following in Minnesota, and something American voters regularly tell pollsters they want.

Like other Democratic candidates, she has laid the groundwork for a presidential run in recent months by stepping up her appearances on national outlets, including "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert", where she was a guest in November, just before the midterm election.

"I don't have a political machine, I don't come from money", she said.

"That's community, that's a shared story, that's ordinary people doing extraordinary things", she said. She's citing the need to "heal the heart of our democracy and renew our commitment to the common good".

Other Democratic leaders who have announced their candidacy for the 2020 presidential election include Sen. Some Republicans say Klobuchar is able to get things done because she pushes smaller issues. Amy Klobuchar delivers remarks about Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh during a markup hearing in the Dirksen Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill, September 28,2018. Some progressives say she lacks the kind of fire and bold ideas needed to bring significant change and excite voters. In response to Klobuchar's questioning Kavanaugh about whether he'd ever blacked out from drinking, he snidely responded, "Have you?"

"I'm asking you to join us on this campaign. She's vague and vacuous on all the big issues facing our country", Carnahan said. Kavanaugh later apologized to Klobuchar, whose father is an alcoholic.

Klobuchar hopes her moderate policies and strong electoral record in Minnesota will help her win back states Trump took from Democrats in the 2016 White House contest, including nearby Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan, Wisconsin, as well as Pennsylvania.

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