Apple vs Facebook Who dominates the App Dispute

Apple has now broken all of Google’s internal iOS apps

Apple vs Facebook Who dominates the App Dispute

As for Apple's decision to pull the company's Enterprise Certificate, Canahuati chalks it up to a misunderstanding, saying "our relationship with Apple is really important". The revocation of the certificate created disruptions for Facebook. In addition, apps testing unreleased updates of Google products such as Gmail and Google Maps were unavailable, these people said.

There's a vetting process for most apps. It makes a move to the Developer Enterprise Program which is permitting the organization that Apple approves. Google and Facebook workers, beta testers, and research participants lost access to internal iOS versions of pre-launch test apps. The iPhone maker had restored Facebook's privileges earlier.

However, what drove Facebook to distribute "Facebook Research", the app in question through unorthodox channels, looks to be that Apple has banned apps to gather user data as detailed as app history, private messages, and location, from being listed in the App Store. But the alternative is to use Android, where users can sideload any app and where the security level is a lot lower. These apps are only allowed by employees of the owners of the app and Facebook went around this policy and was distributing the tracking app to customers who were being paid $20 (Should've been more but that's a story for another day). "We don't share this information with others and people can stop participating at any time".

When the news broke out, it was uncovered that Google was essentially doing the same thing with an app of its own, called Screenwise. The opt-in program was targeted to anyone older than 18, though users from 13 to 17 could join if they lived in the same household as their parents and received parental approval. While Facebook's certificate was revoked only until yesterday, Google has admitted it has been gathering data much in the same way Facebook has, but through its Screenwise Meter app.

No public versions of the apps are affected. Later it was discovered that Google's app did the same.

Google has since disabled the app and apologized to users following the backlash.

This situation is very similar to recent news about a Facebook app geared towards teens which paid them $20 to track almost everything they do on their iOS devices. This app is completely voluntary and always has been. "We have had our Enterprise Certification, which enables our internal employee applications, restored". Google has published a statement on the matter, which you can read below. Bloomberg reported the news late Thursday.

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