Don't Just Blame Pelosi; Lack of Border Wall Funding Is Bipartisan

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"This is a true testament to President Trump's fulfilment of his promises made to the forgotten men and women of America", Michael Glassner, chief operating officer for the campaign, said on Thursday.

In addition to San Diego, the president said there's another wall being built, however, he didn't specify exactly where.

"We're not going to get anywhere with them".

Trump also argued one of the strengths of his new wall is how physically attractive it is.

He also claimed Democrats fear engaging him about his proposed border wall because they would lose a debate about whether, in his words, "walls work". Even on Friday, Trump was going after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi by name, calling her clueless and her ideas unsafe.

"She is doing a bad disservice to our country", the USA president said. The border wall, structure, barrier - whatever you call it - needs to be built in order to properly secure our southern border.

The California Democrat also said she was open to negotiating funding for more ports of entry or additional border security technology. Friday, Trump expressed skepticism that a bipartisan commission seeking a deal on the wall to avoid another government shutdown would succeed, saying there was a "good chance" he would declare an emergency.

Trump has discussed possibly declaring an emergency and redirecting funds already allocated by Congress for other purposes, possibly at the Defense Department, to his wall.

When Trump folded on the shutdown, he agreed to reopen government until February 15, giving lawmakers more time to craft a bipartisan border security compromise.

Trump said at a White House event that he might declare such an emergency because it did not appear that Democrats in Congress were moving toward a deal that would provide the money he wants to help fund the wall, which Democrats broadly oppose. I think it's a waste of time", Trump declared, adding, "They'll probably be overly generous with things that you don't need in terms of money.

Trump's speech was delayed from January after a fight with Pelosi that stemmed from the dispute on border wall funding.

On that day, before the Senate Intelligence Committee, the nation's top intelligence chiefs contradicted some of Trump's most fundamental foreign policy claims. However, he came back to the argument that his administration was doing some work to build the wall now, pointing to the maintenance the administration has done on barriers while seeming to take credit for completing them.

Trump also touted what he said were his successes in Syria, where he has alarmed allies by abruptly announcing a withdrawal of U.S. troops assisting local forces against the Islamic State group, and in North Korea.

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