Google's next Pixel could house better dual SIM support

Google plans to give the Pixel 4 this 2018 Apple iPhone feature

Google's next Pixel could house better dual SIM support

A LOOSE-LIPPED Google engineer has revealed that the incoming Pixel 4 will have much more useful dual-SIM functionality. The AOSP Gerrit is an online collaboration tool where developers who can share code changes - called commits - and merge them into Android's source code. Never mind the fact that eSIM support is very limited in the United States and the rest of the world, the Pixel's Dual SIM mode is one that goes back to the early 2000s. Crucially, the commit says it can do this "even if [the device has] two or more SIM cards". Pixel 3 offers what is called the Dual SIM, Single Standby (DSSS). According to a source, the next-gen Pixel device will be coming with an improved dual SIM functionality.

Before then we might well get treated to the Pixel 3 Lite - Google is rumored to be readying a mid-range version of its 2018 flagship phone, built with slightly cheaper materials and a less powerful chipset on board.

The second, Dual SIM, Dual Standby (DSDS), allows a phone to receive calls and texts from the secondary SIM as long as the phone isn't actively using the primary SIM for the same goal. Making it possible for future Pixel smartphones to use both a physical SIM and eSim simultaneously. In fact, even if you only wanted to use the eSIM to buy mobile data from a local country when on holiday to avoid eye-watering roaming charges - not being able to receive any text messages or calls to the number associated with your usual SIM card is a not inconsiderable drawback. Because it requires two radios, it isn't very common. When used alongside a hardware SIM, the Pixel 3 will work in dual-SIM mode, but not well. What is likely, however, is that when the improved dual SIM feature is made available, it will be present on the next Android Q OS update, along with the new Google Pixel.

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