Grammys 2019: Joy Villa's pro-Trump wall outfit

Joy Villa and Ricky Rebel at the 2019 Grammys

Joy Villa and Ricky Rebel at the 2019 Grammys

Hollywood singer Joy Villa, known lately for her pro-Trump appearances at the Grammy Awards each year, did it again this year with a twist: she wore a barbed wire "Trump wall" to the red carpet in support of border security and legal immigration. The brand shared a disclaimer on Instagram, writing that the "views, thoughts, and opinions expressed by my clients are not necessarily the same as my views, thoughts, and opinions".

Joy Villa made her annual MAGA statement on the 2019 Grammys red carpet, and this time the "Make America Great Again" singer had some company: Ricky Rebel.

The singer, songwriter stepped onto the red carpet Sunday evening in a striking look, which included bedazzled boots, mirrored glasses and a red, white and blue jacket. Our first amendment right is free speech, so we should all be able to weigh in and think about what the president does", she said, adding: "There's tons Trump supporters out there all of different colors. "Donald Trump, to me, represents alpha energy". The reversible jacket read "Keep America Great!" on the front, and "Trump" on the back.

Her last album Home Sweet Home also contained a single entitled "Make America Great Again!" "My name is Ricky Rebel and I'm a reflection of America".

"Enjoy your president!" said one person loudly at the singer as he flashed his sequined Trump suit.

Unsurprisingly, many viewers watching the Grammys red carpet coverage at home were not too pleased seeing Villa and Rebel's outfit choices, as they took to social media to air their grievances. "I never understand LGBTQ+ people who support him". "I want to "wow" people".

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