Katy Perry is next in line to offend with "blackface" shoes

CREDIT Jon Kopaloff  Getty Images

CREDIT Jon Kopaloff Getty Images

Both items feature eyes, a nose, and a mouth set against an all-black background, and each retailed for $129.

The shoes were also taken down from the fashion line's website.

According to USA Today, the two designs-the Rue Face slip-on loafer, and the Ora Face sandal-were yanked from the clothing line's official website on Monday.

Among the shoes being dropped by retailers Dillards and Walmart include a pair of sandals and loafers that feature the same type of large, red lips used for blackface makeup and painted on minstrel figurines.

"In order to be respectful and sensitive the team is in the process of pulling the shoes", the insider shared. The black shoe is still listed on Lord & Taylor, but is out of stock.

Gucci, meanwhile, stopped selling a black sweater last week because it partially covers the wearer's face, which prompted some to claim it too closely resembled blackface.

"Ok, can we just make this a rule that ANY product, service or person that is NOT Black will NOT create, promote or apply any combination of BLACK + FACE", one Twitter user wrote.

Singer Masika Kalysha broached the topic on social media, calling for Katy to explain herself.

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