New 'Captain Marvel' teaser shows Iron Man, Captain America and Thor

New 'Captain Marvel' teaser shows Iron Man, Captain America and Thor

New 'Captain Marvel' teaser shows Iron Man, Captain America and Thor

Multiple critics have praised Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, and Ben Mendelsohn, as well as the '90s vibe movie setting.

Described by Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige as "more powerful than any character we've introduced thus far", Captain Marvel is going to be a massive change of pace for Marvel because it's set in the mid-1990s.

But after all that patient waiting (remember, this is Marvel we're talking about), Captain Marvel has finally landed. "Strange. He'll explain to them what's happening with Thanos in the future and explain that they'll need Captain Marvel's help in order to defeat him", the theory reads.

Captain Marvel was screened to members of the press Tuesday evening in LA, and those who saw it have now been allowed to post their honest reactions about the upcoming Marvel Studios film on social media.

Spoilers from Captain Marvel (both the comics and movie) will be found below. Named the "Rise" TV spot, the promo teases the origins of Captain Marvel. Burt added that "the MCU feels more complete now". Almost every press member who saw the film says Ben Mendelsohn steals the show as shape-shifting Skrull leader Talos.

LA Times' Sonaiya Kelley gave support to it being, "pro-woman without being over done", while saying it could be similar to the first Captain America movie as an Avengers prequel. The fact that several critics mentioned how surprising the film is excites me, because we're always so keyed in to every public aspect of these films from the moment they're announced, and as the end of Infinity War showed, Marvel is still capable of creating genuine shock for its audiences.

Find out if Captain Marvel and Brie Larson have what it takes on March 8. After releasing multiple posters, a teaser and a trailer, Marvel has now released a new promo for Captain Marvel.

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