NFL Podcast: The Rams and Patriots advance on a controversial Sunday

Patriots win AFC championship will play Super Bowl LIII against Rams

Patriots win AFC championship will play Super Bowl LIII against Rams

The joy that New England Patriots teammates had for Rob Gronkowski in the aftermath of Sunday's scintillating 37-31 overtime victory over the Kansas City Chiefs was hard to miss. New England won the coin toss and drove 75 yards in 13 plays, converting on third-and-10 three times along the way.

Sutton has worked as Kansas City's defensive coordinator since 2013, when the Chiefs brought in Andy Reid as their head coach.

Which is why the Chiefs announced on Tuesday that Sutton would not be asked to return for the 2019 season.

"He had a great drive", Mahomes said.

New England benefited from two critical replay reviews and made its ninth Super Bowl with Brady at quarterback and Bill Belichick as coach.

But this Chiefs loss is incredibly painful, at least for the moment. "The defense played the way they did to force it to overtime". And while they were among the best in the league at rushing the quarterback this season, they failed to sack Brady during the AFC championship game.

Mahomes and the Chiefs came out swinging in the second half, going on a quick drive down the field to put up a touchdown and slow down the momentum of the Patriots. "We gave ourselves every opportunity to do it, and they got us in overtime".

In an email, Kansas City Police Department spokesperson Sgt. Jacob Becchina said he had spoken with the coordinators of the off-duty officers for the Chiefs, and they did not receive any report of a laser pointing on the field. The future for the Chiefs 'organization is incredibly bright behind Patrick Mahomes. The Patriots have gone 2-1 in the big game since 2015, defeating the Seattle Seahawks and Atlanta Falcons in contests that went down to the wire. I've got to see the ball.

It appears that the performance of Sutton's defense in the AFC championship game was the final nail in the coffin for him. On Sunday night, most of America and all of Boston were locked in to the AFC Championship Game between the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs.

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