Nick Foles' Free-Agency: Eagles Could Use "Franchise Tag" To Gain Leverage

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The big question is, what should the team do with Nick Foles? Or he could choose to play it out, with the Eagles either trading him or having the league's most expensive backup quarterback. Either way, Foles is set to get paid, and the Eagles will need to determine how they'll proceed with or without Foles over the coming month. While the Eagles picking up that option would keep Foles under contract for another year, it does not completely restrict Foles from testing free agency, as he can void the option year by returning the $2 million bonus to the team.

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport says it's not a surprise the Birds are going to pick up the option, but it is an important step. A trade partner would then have Foles under contract for $20 million, as a basis for talks on an extended deal. Alternately, Foles could give the Eagles $2 million and the team could then franchise tag him and look to trade him.

In other words, even with the option picked up, Foles is likely headed elsewhere for 2019. But Foles knows, and his representatives, that this is a business.

If Foles pays the $2 million, the Eagles will have the option of franchise tagging him. "If they tagged him, he of course would sign it right away and then potentially work with the Eagles on a solution to settle on a team that they would all agree with". According to, Philadelphia is now $18.46 million over.

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