Sex abuse survivors spell out Catholic Church challenge

Sex abuse survivors spell out Catholic Church challenge

Sex abuse survivors spell out Catholic Church challenge

The Vatican said Saturday that Pope Francis has defrocked disgraced former USA cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

It has also since emerged that financial settlements were reached in at least two cases of alleged sexual misconduct with adults involving Mr McCarrick.

In December, Cupich expressed regret for "our failures to address the scourge of clerical sexual abuse" in a statement responding to a report by the IL attorney general that said the church failed to disclose the names of at least 500 clergy accused of sexually abusing children. The pope, O'Malley told the magazine, "was convinced to do it another way", adding that "w$3 e're still waiting for the procedures to be clearly articulated".

The Vatican's press office said that, on January 11, the Holy See's doctrinal watchdog office, the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, had found McCarrick guilty of "solicitation in the Sacrament of Confession, and sins against the Sixth Commandment with minors and adults, with the aggravating factor of the abuse of power".

A Kansas diocese says disgraced former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick will continue to live at a local friary "until a decision of permanent residence is finalized".

The judgment was recognized by the Pope to be of a "definitive nature", a Vatican statement said, and is "res iudicata" - meaning it is no longer subject to appeal. Pope Francis authorised those sanctions along with a canonical trial, which along with the initial allegation is also reported to have examined evidence from a second complainant.

"By resolving the problem within the Church, through becoming aware, we will contribute to resolving it within society, within families, where the shame means everything is hidden", Francis said. Following today's ruling, he will not be able to celebrate the sacraments in private nor die with the dignity of his priesthood in tact.

The allegation regarding the altar boy was the first known against McCarrick to involve a minor - a far more serious offense than sleeping with adult seminarians.

The US Catholic website Crux quoted a man as accusing him of abuse in New York's St Patrick's Cathedral in the 1970s, when the accuser was 16 years old.

A former Roman Catholic cardinal has been defrocked after historical sexual abuse allegations. "One thing he distinctly remembers is that McCarrick told him not to tell anyone about it", Noaker said.

Survivor advocates have demanded that Francis say what he and other top Vatican officials knew about sexual wrongdoing by McCarrick and other clergymen. The archbishop claimed he told the Pope that McCarrick had "corrupted" seminarians during a 23 June 2013 conversation.

McCarrick participated in the 2005 conclave that elected Pope Benedict XVI, presided over the graveside service for U.S. Sen.

The Vatican's announcement about McCarrick comes at a crucial moment for the church as more than 100 bishops from around the world convened by Francis plan to meet Thursday through February 24 in Rome to seek solutions to the damaging clergy abuse crisis.

It also underlines Francis' attempts to follow a zero tolerance on abuse, regardless of rank or position.

Scicluna said McCarrick's sexual misconduct with adult seminarians was an open secret in the USA church, and Scicluna also noted the decision could lead to "soul searching" by those who may have known about it but did not come forward.

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