The FCC confirms one of the Samsung Galaxy S10’s coolest features

Samsung's take on the gaming smartphone is bold and peculiar at the same time

The FCC confirms one of the Samsung Galaxy S10’s coolest features

Samsung Vietnam has accidentally published (and subsequently removed) a brand advertisement video that shows a glimpse at the company's existing, conceptual, and presumably upcoming products.

Huawei will reportedly manufacture between 24,000 and 30,000 units of the upcoming smartphone in the initial phase, however, it is not known in what markets it will eventually arrive. The site, which prepared some renderings you can see attached to this post, also stresses that this gaming phone is not the same thing as the Galaxy Fold that's expected to be unveiled in a few weeks. The video, which was subsequently pulled, depicts a foldable device with both internal and external displays, similar to renderings leaked last June.

We are not sure which smart-phone maker will win the race in launching their foldable handset first. But that's not the only foldable smartphone that will be announced this month. Plus we already knew the device would be 5G-compatible, and the above teaser suggests that the device won't have an inward-folding screen like Samsung.

Samsung will be revealing the new generation Galaxy S10 range of flagship smartphones this month. The revolutionary phone will be exhibited at MWC 2019, after which it will be possible to buy the foldable Huawei smartphone from late April / May.

Huawei released an official invite on Friday for the company's MWC event through Twitter. On the other hand, the lower part seems to be comparatively thicker.

Most interesting for us, though, is a sneak peak at the Galaxy foldable.

The crystal clear image shows how that much larger edge-to-edge screen will look and also reveals the new front-facing camera which will be punched through the screen. This would be a completely different phone from the foldable phone we're expecting to see at the company's February 20 event just prior to MWC 2019. Now, the 3D renders and images of this foldable smartphone have appeared online.

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