Trump calls for 'retribution' after SNL lampoons his emergency declaration

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump during the


Trump's frequent tweets against the media - primarily targeting news outlets that he calls the "enemy of the people" - have caused considerable concern at NBC and other companies.

The president, who has proven very sensitive to the way he is covered in the media, was clearly unimpressed with Baldwin's characterisation, saying on Twitter there was "nothing amusing about exhausted Saturday Night Live on Fake News NBC!". "This is the real Collusion!".

Baldwin, playing the president on the sketch comedy show, made light of Trump's Friday news conference in the Rose Garden when he declared a national emergency so he could get the funds to build the border barrier.

"There's a tremendous amount of drugs flowing into this country - from the southern border, or the "brown line" as many people have asked me not to call it", he continued.

In another tweet, the president asserted that, no matter what the media may say, the number are on his side. "I did push him", Baldwin allegedly said, the Daily Mail reported at the time.

"Nothing amusing about exhausted Saturday Night Live on Fake News NBC!" the President tweeted early Sunday morning. You don't have to be smart to understand that; in fact, it's even easier to understand if you're not smart.

They then played a clip of Trump's "sing-song voice" predicting the path the court challenges to declaration would take.

"Nothing amusing about exhausted Saturday Night Live on Fake News NBC!". But Trump - who has fired back at the show numerous times in the past - fired up his Twitter account again on Sunday morning.

This was the seventh tweet that Trump has sent out blasting Saturday Night Live since he hosted the show in November 2015 in the midst of his presidential campaign. One political scientist noted that Trump was akin to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in his intolerance for criticism.

Just hours after slamming Donald Trump Jr. for joking about her and Jussie Smollett on Twitter, Kathy Griffin turned her attention to his dad.

Trump's recent exam, conducted February 8 at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center said trump weighs 243 pounds and is now considered officially obese.

Baldwin wrapped up the sketch by taking questions from the press.

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