U.S. economy added 304000 jobs in January, unemployment at 4%

U.S. economy added 304000 jobs in January, unemployment at 4%

U.S. economy added 304000 jobs in January, unemployment at 4%

What this largely speaks to is what the jobs market was prior to the government shutdown.

January was the 100th straight month of job gains. Lawmakers and experts generally expressed optimism with the report.

The ongoing demand for workers is leading some businesses to offer higher pay to attract and keep staff. "Wages and benefits for workers checked in at an 11-year high this week".

The economy now has created 5.3 million jobs since the 2016 election. It also informs the headline earnings and hours worked data. The importance of the continued rise in work and labor market participation can not be overstated.

Employment in construction and health care followed with 52,000 and 42,000 new jobs respectively. But the Labor Department said it had no effect on jobs creation.

"The payroll number was significantly stronger than what was expected, so a lot more people are finding jobs basically". "Nearly all of this increase occurred in the private sector and may reflect the impact of the partial federal government shutdown", it said. Workers have seen a streak of relatively robust gains as employers have had to pay more to attract them. "This consistently callous GOP attitude disrespects workers, dishonors our values and damages our economy". Now, that would definitely hit federal contractors, who make up the biggest segment of those that do government work. Over the year, employment in transportation and warehousing has increased by 219,000. But the unemployment rate was 4 percent, which was a small hike from the 3.9 percent level in December.

Food services and drinking places added 36,600 jobs in January, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and now employ more than 12.1 million people-up by more than 280,000 over the past 12 months. The White House praised the report as an indication that the agenda is working.

"Those numbers were very impressive", he said at the White House.

With respect to the headline data in the jobs report, the establishment survey informs the "jobs number", specifically the number of workers added to payrolls.

Trump has overseen a steadily improving economy since entering office, though trends such as the employment rate and economic growth were already improving before he entered office.

Hospitals added 18,800 jobs in January, up from 7,400 jobs added in December.

The December jobs report was a series of numbers that range from fantastic to fantastical. The shutdown will probably end up slowing the economy's growth for the first three months of the year. However, general merchandise stores - which saw a surge in hiring in last month's report - lost more than 12,000 jobs, with department stores suffering a almost 3,000 decline in jobs. Sales of existing homes plunged in December and fell 3.1 percent in 2018 from the previous year.

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