Venezuela's Maduro facing growing pressure over humanitarian aid

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      Briefing      Until We Accomplish the Goal
       By Naky Soto-        Febru

Home Briefing Until We Accomplish the Goal Briefing Until We Accomplish the Goal By Naky Soto- Febru

Maduro has said the USA help is part of a plot to overthrow his government and said Venezuela doesn't need it.

Venezuela's President is facing growing pressure, at home and overseas, to allow humanitarian aid into the country.

Venezuela's opposition has so far only publicly announced the arrival of aid in the Colombian border town of Cucuta, where it is now being stockpiled as Venezuelan authorities have made it clear they will not allow it to enter the country.

Dr. Katia Diaz, a psychiatrist, said that each day aid sits waiting for transport into Venezuela represents one more day in which patient lives are at risk.

"There are people responsible for this and the regime should know it", Guaido said after attending Sunday Mass. "Donald Trump, get out of Venezuela".

Image provided by Venezuela's Presidency shows Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (C) speaking to a soldier during the opening ceremony of the military exercises to mark the 200th anniversary of the historic Battle of Angostura at the Guicaipuro Fort in Miranda, Venezuela, on February 10, 2019.

"Here are armed forces and here are the people to defend the honor, dignity and decorum of a country that has over 200 years of fighting for its future".

Mr Guaidó assumed the presidency on January 23 and has been recognised as leader by more...

The report follows statements from the opposition-whose leader and President of the National Assembly declared himself interim president last month-that a special fund will be set up in the United States where proceeds from the sale of Venezuelan crude would go.

PDVSA also ordered its Petrocedeno joint venture with Equinor and Total to halt extra-heavy oil output and upgrading due to a lack of naphtha needed to dilute production, as sanctions prohibited US suppliers of the fuel from exporting it to Venezuela.

A drop in energy prices, corruption, and failed socialist policies have destroyed the oil-rich Venezuelan economy, leaving severe shortages of food and medicine and out-of-control inflation.

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