Air accident experts examining Boeing 737 Max 8 'black boxes'

Embattled Boeing quietly unveils world’s longest passenger jet

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After the tragic incident, many airlines across the globe started to ground their 737 MAX planes.

Previously, Lion Air Group chose to postpone the delivery of four more Boeing 737 MAX 8 airplanes.

Following the accident which led to investigations on the suitability of the plane model airlines across the world have grounded the model while civil aviation authorities have banned it from their respective airspaces.

France's aviation safety agency BEA has the cockpit voice and data recorders and are now decoding.

"(Collins Aerospace) has standard flight deck positions on all Next-Generation 737 airplanes, but the 737 MAX marks the company's largest contribution to date on any single aisle jet", the company wrote in a press release last October.

On Sunday, 157 people were killed when an Ethiopian Airlines flight crashed shortly after takeoff in Ethiopia.

The BEA has experience with global air crashes, and its expertise is often sought whenever an Airbus plane crashes because the manufacturer is based in France.

On Monday, Ethiopian Airlines announced its decision to suspend commercial operations of all Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft.

Boeing however, said that it would still continue building the planes, which came as good news for thousands of the company's employees who work on the assembly line.

Boeing earlier assured that this type of aircraft was safe.

Both crashes remain under investigation, but a preliminary investigation of the Lion Air crash showed pilots fighting with an automatic safety system for control of the jet. According to Bloomberg, Lion Air is planning to scrap its $22 billion order for 200 Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes and switch to Airbus. "Information regarding a system that was of critical importance to us", Tajer said.

Norwegian Air has said it will seek compensation from Boeing for costs and lost revenue after grounding its 737 Max fleet.

Possible links between the accidents have rocked the aviation industry, scared passengers worldwide, and left the world's biggest plane manufacturer scrambling to prove the safety of a money-spinning model meant to be the standard for decades.

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