Captain Marvel end credits: Is there an end-credits scene?

Netflix Everett Collection

Netflix Everett Collection

"[Captain Marvel] is very cool, she's amusing, she's smart and she's not overly serious, but then she becomes, you know, the bomb, so it's very cool". "That's what this is all about".

It was the flawless topper to the press conference. However, it also sets up some stuff from the original films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Captain Marvel is in cinemas from March 7. If Captain Marvel has been busy helping to stop the Kree/Skrull war and saving other galaxies for the past two-plus decades, that probably means that Monica (who later in the comics becomes an Avenger named Photon, adopting her mother's fighter pilot call sign) is in her mid-30s and if the comics are any indication, Maria is probably no longer with us. The crispness of the ensemble led me to picture Brie Larson working as a chic bellhop in a glamorous hotel. The Kree soldier was originally ordered to infiltrate and monitor Earth's advancement in missile and space technology by Colonel Yon-Rogg after the Fantastic Four defeated both a Kree Sentry and Ronan the Accuser. Rotten Tomatoes has since announced it will now prevent commenters from registering reviews before a film's release date.

Granted, most of these conclusions are speculation based on teasers, unreleased footage and other clues, but even with digitally deleted characters and altered hair colors in the Endgame teaser footage, we're starting to get enough pieces of the puzzle to see what the goals are for our Avengers. Larson fits seamlessly into the world of the Avengers, which means leaping into space and sending blue beams of energy from her fists. So she was delighted with what she saw as nuance and flaws in the character.

"I've been broke a dozen times", Larson said.

"Carol is not loveless, she's not joyless, she's not even sexless", DeConnick says. That's everything. That's for everybody.

Yes, Carol is a woman, and this is the first Marvel movie centered on a woman. Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck are best-known for low-budget, character-driven dramas such as 2006's Half-Nelson and 2015's Mississippi Grind. In one of the last Captain Marvel scenes, Carol gives Fury an upgraded version of his pager, telling him to use it if he ever needs her to come back.

We first meet our heroine as a warrior-in-training, part of an elite squad of inter-galactic heroes battling shape-shifting aliens on various planets. She confidently replies that this time will be different because they have her. Rhodey then asks her the question that everyone has been asking Marvel Studios: if she's so strong as she claims, where has she been all this while? He reminds her that there are tabs she can take that will help her sleep, and she replies, "Yeah, but then I'd be asleep". "I could make up some more shit?"

But the heart of the film may be the deep bond between Carol and Maria. We see Bruce Banner, who says whatever signal it was sending finally crapped out.

And Gamora (Zoe Saldana) is sacrificed by her father Thanos in order to retrieve the Soul Stone. "Just like boys do with Superman and Batman". Black Panther featured young black women as female scientists.

Marvel superheroes have a stellar track record of getting girlfriends, right after they harness their superpowers and beat baddies. It's a monumental shift from what films have historically done, she says. (A note of praise here amid the doldrums: much love has been lavished on the Captain's visible manifestation of power, and it is indeed wondrous to behold.) Never mind that she doesn't seem particularly doubtful, angry, or emotional during the fight -or much of anywhere else.

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