CAPTAIN MARVEL Review: A Fun, Worthwhile Must-See For MCU Fans

CAPTAIN MARVEL Review: A Fun, Worthwhile Must-See For MCU Fans

CAPTAIN MARVEL Review: A Fun, Worthwhile Must-See For MCU Fans

"Captain Marvel", on the other hand, made an Oscar victor best known for playing a captive mother take on a role she is 100-percent wrong for while attempting to sell Jude Law to us as an action star like he's a Louis Vuitton bag on Canal Street. Not really, but as a character, Marvel is certainly an important addition to the Avengers storyline and will show up again and again from this point forward, just as Wonder Woman now seems to appear in every DCU film since that film did so well at the box office. According to Deadline, industry estimates are projecting a $100 million opening weekend debut for Captain Marvel.

Marvel's 2019 Captain Marvel is, thankfully, a solid action film filled with humor and powered by top-notch performances. It's that pursuit that lands Vers firmly on Earth or C-53 as it's called here - where questions about her past and confusion in finding her identity are about to answered.

While it is comfortable within the Marvel formula, Captain Marvel still finds its own way to tell its own story, with a new kind of hero, and a story not just about the fate of the universe, but more importantly, those in it, since it's those who live in it that bear the brunt of war as oppose to those who cause those wars.

The untitled series is based on the real life experiences of Central Intelligence Agency undercover operative Amaryllis Fox and her upcoming memoir, "Life Undercover: Coming of Age in the Central Intelligence Agency", which will be published by Knopf on October 15.

We took to Google to see what results come up when you search the topic, and the answers are a little more complicated than "duh", (although, we love Larson for that).

Variety " s Owen Gleiberman agrees that Larson is the strongest suit of the film, saying that the actress "lights up a Marvel superheroine film from within" thanks to her "superpower of expression".

So when it came to promoting "Captain Marvel", which begins its global rollout on Wednesday, she lobbied for more women and people of color among those interviewing her.

The off-screen chemistry between Larson and Jackson, who reprises his iconic role as Fury but 25 years younger, also dovetailed perfectly into the directors' penchant for wit and humour.

CAPTAIN MARVEL Review: A Fun, Worthwhile Must-See For MCU Fans
CAPTAIN MARVEL Review: A Fun, Worthwhile Must-See For MCU Fans

"Captain Marvel" does play with conventional assumptions about good and evil, and even incorporates a not-so-subtle message about refugees, as the conflict spills down to a nondescript orb called Earth, which one alien visitor dismisses as a backwater planet using a slightly vulgar if of late familiar term. The continued push for diversity makes sense after the studio's success with Black Panther and the excitement around the upcoming Captain Marvel, but there's only one problem-there's no actual confirmation of the casting news.

With a number of functions - introducing characters, killing them off, adding extra jokes or teasing future storylines - there's a broad spectrum across the more than a decade of films we've seen so far.

"It was a game changer for me because I'd read the comics, and Carol's fierceness and her wit, and also - despite her being cocky - her humbleness too", Larson said.

Brie Larson is an inspiration here. "When you see the whole movie, you will see that the range she has to exhibit is epic".

Fleck said: "We have learnt so much, I can't even begin".

At the other end of the movie, stick around for a mid-credits bonus bit that leads into "Avengers: Endgame", and a goofier one seven minutes later, after all of the names have scrolled by.

Lasahna Lynch's plays Maria Rambeau a former test pilot who worked with Carol and was her best friend.

Danvers has the opportunity to prevent the explosion but chooses to let the past unfold in alignment with her current desire to be a superhero. Seasoned veterans Mendelsohn and Benning are both clearly having the time of their lives being a part of the Marvel universe in pivotal roles, and yes, Goose the cat is the magical MVP.

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