Chrome for Android is updated to version 73 with many new features

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The Chrome Lite Pages feature will be part of Chrome for Android’s pre-existing Data Saver feature

Chrome 73's dark mode conforms to the Mac machine's dark theme if the same is applied at OS level.

Sure, you could download "dark mode" themes from the Chrome store before, Chrome's native dark mode features the design sensibilities one would expect from Google. Because, essentially, Incognito and normal windows now look the same.

If you don't want to wait, or if you're a Mac user who doesn't want to go all-in on dark mode just to change the color of Chrome, you can of course venture into the Chrome themes settings to pick a color of your very own. Aside from bug fixes and performance improvements, it brings Data Saver support for HTTPS pages on Android, new "Enhanced spell check" and "Safe browsing extended reporting" features, as well as support for media keys among others. Additionally, features like cross-platform tab sharing are now under testing.

Chrome now optimizes HTTPS pages by showing a "Lite" indicator in the URL bar, much like it does with the HTTP pages when there is a low internet network.

Users can tap the indicator to see more information and to access an option to load the original version of the page, which would be the full version. The rollout of Chrome 73 is staged and will soon reach users on the aforementioned platforms.

Once done, Chrome will automatically change colors as long as you have the latest version installed. The release notes promise that the "Windows support is on the way".

Finally, as Chrome 73 adds progressive web app support to the macOS version of Chrome, and developers can now add badge API to web apps for desktop browsers so that notifications alerts (such as unread notifications) can be displayed over the app's icon from Chrome's home page. Google Chrome 73 is now available for download for GNU/Linux, macOS, and Windows from our web portal.

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