Erdogan determined to go ahead with Russian missile deal

Turkey to face'grave consequences for acquisition of Russian S-400 Pentagon

Erdogan determined to go ahead with Russian missile deal

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says his country is determined to go through with a deal to purchase S-400 missile-defense systems from Russian Federation, despite opposition from Washington.

The US agreed to sell 100 of its F-35 fighters to Turkey in December and has so far delivered two of the aircraft.

Previously, Oktay indicated that Turkey was purchasing Russia's S-400 systems in pursuit of its national interests, and wouldn't renege on its plans at this stage. "Later, we may work with S-500s", the next generation system, Erdogan said. Last month, President Recep Tayyip said that Ankara was not satisfied with United States reluctance to provide Turkey with a loan needed to buy the PAC-3, or to organise joint production of the air defence system.

During a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Tuesday, Scaparrotti, who also serves as NATO's supreme allied commander in Europe, urged Turkey to reconsider its plan to purchase the S-400 system from the Kremlin this year or "forfeit" future sales of American military aircraft and systems. They have warned Ankara that Turkey risked both jeopardising its purchase of Lockheed Martin F-35 jets from the usa and having sanctions imposed.

"We concluded the S-400 issue, signed a deal with the Russians, and will start co-production", said Erdogan.

We're an independent country, not slaves.

"As for the S-400, the deal is done, and it is out of the question to go backwards.and perhaps after the S-400, we will move onto the S-500", Erdogan told Kanal-24 television on March 6. "God willing, we will receive the first system in July".

To keep the Kurdish fighters away from its frontier, Turkey wants to secure a Syria safe zone along its border rather see that job done by a multinational force. "Otherwise, we would be facing the threat of an attack from that area any moment". The U.S. -backed Syrian Kurdish YPG militia now controls the area, but Turkey considers the YPG a terrorist organization. "I believe discussions that I will hold with him, and discussions between Mr Berat and Kushner, will put things back on track".

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