Firefox Launches 'Send,' a Free, Encrypted File Transfer Service

Firefox Send File Sharing Service

Firefox Launches 'Send,' a Free, Encrypted File Transfer Service

Firefox Send can now handle larger files than ever before (the Test Pilot version could only handle 1GB at a time) and acts more like a syncing service, with no data being held in the cloud, similar to BitTorrent's Sync service (now called Resilio). Recipients don't have to have a Firefox account to access the file, just the link. You can also limit the number of times they're downloaded. When you upload files to the website, you can choose a password and you can choose to have downloads expire either after X days or after X downloads - for example - you can upload a set of files to be available for download only for 7 days.

"We know there are several cloud sharing solutions out there, but as a continuation of our mission to bring you more private and safer choices, you can trust that your information is safe with Send", Nick Nguyen, Mozilla's VP of Firefox Product, said today. The maximum for both being 100 downloads and seven days, respectively.

There are notable limitations - Firefox Send is merely a free service that makes it easy to quickly upload a file and send it to someone without worrying about an exposed copy on a server somewhere or whether the recipient has the right account to download.

The service uses an algorithm known as AES-GCM-128 to encrypt and authenticate data on the sender's computer before uploading it to Mozilla servers.

A screenshot of the file uploading process in Firefox Send.

Mozilla rolled out Firefox Send to test users way back in August 2017, but it seems the feature was popular enough to warrant a full launch.

The service works just like any other file sharing service available online.

Mozilla touts Firefox Send as focusing on privacy and uses encryption to protect files.

Check out Firefox Send here →.

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