Is 'Bachelor' Colton Underwood Still a Virgin? | Bachelor Season 23 Finale Recap

Colton Underwood

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Find out on night two of the two-night, live special Season Finale event ... Twitter users recently spotted Brown around Tuscaloosa, shooting in familiar spots like Bryant-Denny Stadium and the Bama Theatre with host Chris Harrison. Harrison responded, "I'll take that as a yes".

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It was a Bachelor Nation national tragedy, and so I'm not surprised that this season they wanted to start off on a lighter note. Check it out below.

For now, the reality stars are just enjoying living in the same city.

Also notable for Brown is that she became lead after finishing seventh overall in "The Bachelor" competition, much earlier than past "Bachelorette" leads have finished on their respective "Bachelor" appearances.

Then, last night, Colton was left to do the only "truthful" thing he could. Underwood responded by saying he is okay with just staying together instead of proposing at the end, but Randolph still made a decision to leave.

We watched Colton and Cassie snuggle and kiss on the big comfy bed.

"Colton was so good at articulating how he was feeling about me and I was trying to get there", she explains. Many wondered why a scene she shot with Colton during Hannah G's hometown never aired, even though it was teased throughout the season. She seemed genuinely shocked when Harrison said, "I'm not asking you, I'm telling you".

After the family meeting is over, the two jet off to a one-on-one date. They have, however, discussed a possible engagement. "We did what was best for our relationship, and we grew as a couple", he said.

"She doesn't know this but I still have the butterfly from the first night", he captioned the snap. She even had to give out her first rose.

During their dinner, Cassie shares that she's all in. If you put a commitment-phobic young woman in a room with her skeptic of a dad, who's convinced she's not ready for a relationship, then yeah, chances are she's going to pull the plug. The real bomb the Bachelor wants to drop is this: He's only bringing one woman to meet them, and oh by the way, it's the one who crushed his heart into misery dust during their Fantasy Suite date. While some might be confused about why neither of the brokenhearted finalists from Colton's season were chosen, I'll just say this: I'm not. Colton doesn't say, but certainly hints at a certain something. "Whatever happens after this, however we leave this, I want to be all in".

If you were a fan of Love Island (and really, you should check it out), you already know that Mallorca, Spain is the ideal place to fall in love - or "couple up", as they say on that show.

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