Samsung May Be Working On Two More Foldable Phones

Lego’s pop-up story book

Lego’s pop-up story book

One of the devices would fold away from the user like the Huawei Mate X instead of inward, as the Galaxy Fold does. It also technically has better specs than the Galaxy Fold, with a 5-inch front cover (Samsung's front screen is 4.6) and a whopping 11-inch inside measurement (to Samsung's 7.3). Xiaomi working on a dual-folding phone, according to a video released in January.

The more intriguing note is another unsourced statement that Samsung is considering offering free screen replacements to account for a visible crease that appears on the Fold after it has been adjusted more than 10,000 times. The Samsung Galaxy Fold is absolutely gorgeous, but the iPhone XFold looks like it would be a bigger commercial success... and that's because the XFold's design is instantly familiar. That's one reason why Samsung kept the phone inside a glass case at MWC in Barcelona last month, the person said. So much so that the smartphone maker apparently has two more foldable phones being prepped for after April's release of the super-pricey Galaxy Fold. Those lucky enough to have received such a notification should receive a box containing a shiny new Galaxy S phone as soon as tomorrow, March 6th.

Samsung, which also produces memory chips and televisions, makes the foldable displays itself and supplies technology to rivals such as Apple. Samsung will be live streaming the launch event which is slated to start at 12.30 PM IST wherein DJ Koh will be unveiling the Galaxy S10 series in India.

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