"Stock sells out after son's 'sad doughnut owner" tweet

"Stock sells out after son's 'sad doughnut owner" tweet

The incredible moment even made the Twitter team notice the family, as the team itself went for a visit to Billy's Donuts.

Billy By helped spread the word about his dad's donut shop - and now they're consistently selling out donuts. The mom-and-pop store that was once empty was now a viral sensation. "My dad is sad cause no one is coming to his new donut shop", By wrote, accompanied by photos of overflowing shelves, stocked to the brim with donutty goodness. Soon enough, the sales of the shop were hitting the roof and the owner was definitely left with a smile.

By also shared the address of his dad's shop along with its operating hours and Instagram handle in case anyone wanted to stop by. So, Billy By took to Twitter. New York Police Find Lost Engagement Ring, Twitter Helps Officers Track Down the Couple.

Within days of posting the heart-wrenching photos, the post has racked up over a quarter-million retweets from social media users eager to cheer up Billy's dad.

"Stock sells out after son's 'sad doughnut owner" tweet

The tweet quickly went viral, with people near and far retweeting the message and asking for others in the area to come by and support the local store. Billy, once again put out a happy update. What's more like a cherry on the cake is the official Twitter account talking about it too.

The next day, Billy's Donuts had lines out the door and sold out of doughnuts completely.

Clearly, the shop has got all the publicity it needed within a night. This is what the good power of the internet looks like.

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