Suspended Irving says he's quitting, blasts NFL

NFL       Suspended Cowboys DE David Irving smoking marijuana on social media
       	        By Vincent Frank

NFL Suspended Cowboys DE David Irving smoking marijuana on social media By Vincent Frank

"Basically, guys, I quit".

Irving, who was suspended indefinitely by the league last week after violating its substance abuse policy, told his followers "I quit" as he filmed himself smoking what appeared to be a blunt. In his video, Irving criticized the league's stance on marijuana, arguing the drug is a safer alternative than pills for treating football-related injuries.

Irving also compared his plight to that of Colin Kaepernick, whose National Football League career effectively ended when teams refused to sign him due to the quarterback's protests for racial justice. I'm not doing this s-t no more. Everyone thinks it's about smoking weed.

"If I'm going be addicted to something, I'd rather be addicted to marijuana, which is medical - it's a medicine, I do not consider it a drug - rather than Xanax bars or the [hydrocodone] or the Seroquel that they feed you". The Iowa State product had been suspended for the first four games of both the 2017 and 2018 season for previous violations.

"The s*** they did with Kap [Colin Kaepernick]". He says he uses it to deal with pain rather than opiates, believing it's much better for you.

David Irving cont: "Some people are like "oh you're addicted to weed".

'Everyone questions my commitment to football, but let's get it straight, here and now.

Irving has defied the NFL's ban on pot and has served multiple suspensions for his actions. How many coaches do you see get in trouble about this?

Irving's career in Dallas has been stunted by the series of suspensions he has been forced to observe in recent seasons.

"I appreciate my true fans who appreciated me for who I am, not for the whole football stuff because football does not define me", he said. "It's much bigger than that", Irving explained before going on to say that other sports leagues and even actors don't face the same strict anti-pot rules as NFL players. "The NFL is not football".

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