The biggest unanswered questions in Captain Marvel

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The smaller throwaway moments provide the greatest payoff, such as Fury painstakingly reproducing a jailor's fingerprint to escape his cell only to have Carol casually blast a hole in the door with her fiery fist.

She falls from the sky and through the roof of a Blockbuster video store (not the last 90s reference milked for nostalgia or comedy) barely able to get her bearings before she's exchanging fire with more Skrulls. "Sometimes I want to lean into my youth, sometimes I want to be an older version of myself and I'm allowed to do whatever I want". Bening is flawless, with a wise but sly twinkle in her eye. Its clunky first act plops audiences on Carol's personal journey as she traverses through space with the Kree army that took her in. Any Kree soldier could be a Skrull in disguise. The trailer of the film has been received well and the buzz around it is also quite good. When the alien battle brings her back to earth circa the 1990s, she begins to remember fragments of her past. With each clue she uncovers about her true identity, she moves one step closer to understanding that her suppressed emotions are the key to unlocking her enormous superpowers. "There's isn't a person who can't relate to that". Jackson's scenes as the sceptical Fury are highlights of the film, adding a touch of playfulness. Too bad they couldn't take Goose the Cat along for the ride.

Jackson's witty scenes are a relief from the spectacle of fiery explosions and unexceptional action. Fury is someone who learns from Danvers, not the other way around.

"We're telling a female story, but it's not good enough to just be like, 'You just hired a female lead and then we did it!'", Larson said.

"I would love to challenge you in the ring any time you're ready", Jax told Larson. Larson glares a lot, as she should. Who can't benefit from taking a deep breath in a hard moment?

The powers-that-be at Marvel have been getting more creative in their choices of filmmakers, with Taiki Waititi for "Thor: Ragnarok" and, now, the team of Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, whose previous films all have been low-budget, humanist dramas such as 2006's "Half Nelson" and 2014's "Sugar". Like Larson's, their voices are overwhelmed by Marvel's homogeneous style. Don't forget, you can also see the two in Captain Marvel, opening in theaters tonight. Lashana Lynch, who plays Carol's childhood best friend Maria Rambeau, and Danvers have an intense chemistry on screen that is apparent from their first moments together in the film.

The film has generated a lot of hype due to the fact that it is the first sole female-led film in the MCU.

Like that film, the primary agenda here seems to be setting up an Avengers movie; this time it's Endgame.

It feels like Marvel fundamentally believe that Ronan is a better character than he actually is. the revival is utterly baffling, other than to offer a link to the past and he's so nondescript, you'll find yourself questioning whether it's even Pace under the Blue Man make-up, because it really doesn't look like him.

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