US Congress to Investigate Trump for Obstruction of Justice

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Nadler said the Judiciary Committee wants to review documents from the Justice Department, the president's son Donald Trump Jr. and Trump Organization chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg.

In the context of the investigation requested by way of the powerful panel, according to its Chairman, Jerry Nadler already documents from 81 organizations and individuals.

Former White House chief of staff John Kelly and former White House counsel Don McGahn also are likely targets, he said.

The chairman, Massachusetts Rep. Richard Neal, is expected to eventually try to obtain Trump's tax returns, which the president has refused to release.

Nadler said, with the investigation by the judiciary Committee of the Trump threat to the rule of law should be met.

And he repeated his familiar complaint that he does not get the credit he deserves despite his claim that "no administration has accomplished probably you could say this with absolute certainty in the first two years anywhere near what we've accomplished".

Nadler said he believes the president has obstructed justice during his two years in office. If, for example, impeachment proceedings are brought against Trump, and Republicans won't defend him, he will be impeached.

In stark contrast, when the Republicans were in the majority, there wasn't one hearing about Trump, the 2016 campaign, interference from or coordination with Russian Federation, financial misdeeds, or anything else. Investigators have examined key episodes such as Mr. Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey and Mr. Trump's fury over Attorney General Jeff Sessions' recusal. He also alleged that the Trump Organization regularly and illegally inflated the value of its assets to obtain bank loans, and accused his former boss of misusing charity funds.

The executive order, Trump said, would "require colleges to support free speech if they want federal research" money. "In Cohen's recent testimony to Congress on February 7, CNN captured him saying, " launch a campaign on hate and intolerance and actively win, I regret the day I said yes to Mr. Trump".

Michael Cohen, the former fixer and personal attorney for President Donald Trump, offered explosive testimony last Wednesday during a hearing before a congressional committee.

Democrats, he charged, are motivated only by resentment that he won the White House. But the evidence so far shows that a broad range of Trump associates had Russia-related contacts during the 2016 presidential campaign and transition period, and several lied about the communications.

Either one of these circumstances, let alone both, puts Trump in an untenable situation that will only get worse if Republicans don't have the facts or fortitude to defend him in the days ahead, which will bring the conclusion of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, other investigations, and the looming possibility of impeachment.

The second focus of the requests is possible collusion with Russian Federation, and a concern that Moscow might have leverage over the U.S. leader.

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