Woman Attacked by a Jaguar in a Zoo

The jaguar who attacked a woman taking a selfie won't be put down

Woman Attacked by a Jaguar in a Zoo

Witness footage shows the woman crying and bleeding while lying on the floor, a deep wound visible on her arm where her skin had torn open.

The social accounts of Arizona's Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium & Safari Park were pushed into high gear as media staff attempted to explain how the incident occurred. Paramedics were called at the request of the family, the zoo stated on Twitter.

The incident recalls the case of a jaguar that escaped its enclosure at a zoo in Louisiana and went on a rampage.

Zoo officials say the same jaguar scratched another person a year ago after they went over a barrier.

"Please understand why barriers are put in place", the zoo said in a Tweet.

A wildlife zoo in Litchfield Park, Arizona, experienced a frightening scene Saturday evening when a woman climbed into the jaguar enclosure.

Shawn Gilleland, spokesman for the Rural Metro Fire Department, told the Washington Post that her injuries were not life-threatening.

The woman is said to be in her 30s.

The victim was taken to the hospital, KPHO reports. On Saturday, 9 March, another case of selfie-related attack occurred when a woman got to close to a zoo fence in order to snap some selfies with a jaguar. "Everyone yelling for help and no Zoo employees anywhere in sight. And she was holding it, her other arm, with her hand attached to the paw, just screaming, screaming, screaming to get out", witness Adam Wilkerson said. He ran to find the woman and saw her arm caught in the jaguar's claws.

Wilkerson avoided pulling the woman off the jaguar because doing so would have potentially made things worse. "I could see the claws in her actual flesh".

Instead of pulling the woman, Wilkerson was quick-thinking and made a decision to distract the jaguar. His mother then threw a water bottle into the cage to distract the cat.

"If it weren't for my mom's quick thinking with the water bottle that Jaguar would not have let go of the poor girls arm". The zoo says she met with the zoo owner on Sunday and apologized for her actions.

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