Xbox Live For iOS, Android Officially Announced

Xbox Live iOS Android

Xbox Live For iOS, Android Officially Announced

Microsoft is doubling down on gaming inside its cloud division, bringing together several developer tools and services under one umbrella and introducing new capabilities from a key acquisition made a year ago. These include Azure and PlayFab, which let developers build cloud-connected games.

The source notes that Xbox Live integration in iOS and Android games will be enabled through a single sign-in to a Microsoft Account. In doing so, Xbox Live has the potential of reaching billions of people across the globe, though, app developers will need a good reason to include it. When I inquired about the timeframe for Nintendo Switch support, Microsoft said it has nothing to announce at this time except that the company's philosophy is to bring its tools to developers wherever they want them.

"We believe so strongly in community, and Xbox Live really being at the heart of our gaming community", Microsoft gaming cloud chief Kareem Choudhry said in a briefing, according to The Verge.

"If you've watched us for the past few years, we've taken a very inclusive approach", says Choudhry. "Phil [Spencer] has been very proactive on issues like cross-play, cross-progression, and uniting gamer networks, and we're willing to partner with the industry as much as we possibly can". While this is definitely true, it remains to be seen if mobile developers will prefer Microsoft's tools over others those already provided by Facebook or Google. Xbox Live will be a major component of the Microsoft Game Stack, along with DirectX, Visual Studio, Azure, and PlayFab, the backend service for building and operating live games that Microsoft acquired back in January 2018.

From a consumer standpoint though, it appears that Microsoft's efforts lie in Game Pass. "The business inside of games is really selling games, and selling access to games and content in means like that is the fundamental business. It increases the size of the business".

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