Apple Music surpasses Spotify in paid United States subscribers

Apple Music surpasses Spotify in paid United States subscribers

Apple Music surpasses Spotify in paid United States subscribers

A "person familiar with the matter" revealed that 28 million subscribers now pay for Apple Music in the U.S., whereas Spotify has 26 million paid subscribers.

Earlier today, The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple Music has surpassed Spotify in the number of paid USA subscriptions. Most recently, homegrown music apps Ganna and JioSaavn took the price plunge and now Apple Music is also following suit, slashing its subscription prices across tiers.

Noted Apple developer Steve Troughton-Smith says he has evidence that standalone Music and Podcasts apps are on the way for macOS, as Apple looks to push more mobile-like apps to its desktop platform. However, if the estimates are accurate, they show that United States customers are embracing Apple Music as much (and possibly more so) than its Swedish counterpart. Besides, Apple news app now also offers a "Browse" tab with an editorially-curated New Music category. It needs to be seen if Apple's move triggers a price war among these services.

As of the end of 2018, Spotify reported that it had 96 million subscribers globally.

As for the yearly subscription plan it is now available at Rs 999. It also has extended discounts-three months of its premium service for 99 cents-that drive much of its subscriber growth, according to people familiar with the matter.

Apple issued a response a day after Spotify's complaint and said the latter is spreading "misleading rhetoric". The Swedish company had been ahead since the iPhone maker got into the streaming music business back in 2015, but Apple finally closed the gap.

Apple does not regularly disclose how many subscribers it has, and the last official count - 50 million - came nearly a year ago in May of 2018. "We think that's wrong", Apple said.

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