DOJ Expected To Release Public Version Of Mueller Report On Thursday

Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller

On Thursday, the Justice Department is expected to release the redacted version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report into possible collusion between Russian Federation and the Donald Trump campaign in 2016.

According to an agency spokesperson Monday, the report is expected to released Thursday morning and will be made available to the public as well as Congress.

Word the Mueller report's release was imminent last week sent President Trump into orbit, declaring during a White House lawn pop-up presser that Mueller's investigation was "illegal", "treasonous" and an attempted coup.

Attorney General Bill Barr has indicated he will hand over a restricted copy of the 400-page report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller that edits out "sensitive" details sometime next week.

In order to distract from unanswered questions about Mueller's report, Trump reportedly revived a proposal which was previously been rejected by his own administration to release immigrant detainees in so-called sanctuary cities, sources close to the president told the Times.

Congressional Democrats have demanded the release of the full report with nothing blacked out and also have asked for the underlying evidence gathered by Mueller, meaning Thursday's action by Barr may be just the first move in a longer fight that could play out in the courts.

Barr has said he will release as much of the Mueller report as possible, while excluding material Mueller included from secret grand jury testimony and confidential us intelligence sources. They've expressed concerns that Barr will redact information that is embarrassing to Trump.

President Trump welcomed the upcoming report, but warned about the investigation leading up to it.

The report is expected to contain redactions for classified information as well as information provided to a grand jury that special counsel Robert Mueller used in his 22-month investigation.

Nunes had previously hinted on Fox News that he was submitting criminal referrals to the Justice Department against those he feels have unfairly - or criminally - gone after the president. However, with Barr In charge of the color-coded redactions, I fully expect his opening salvo will be a "rainbow of obfuscation", a "technicolor coverup"...

After Barr released his four-page letter, Trump claimed "complete and total exoneration", condemned "an illegal takedown that failed" and accused unnamed political enemies of treasonous acts. That makes it unclear if any findings related to the Middle East will appear in the report. Rosenstein, who oversaw the Mueller probe, defended Barr in an interview on April 11.

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